FS60 UAV Hyperspectral
Measurement System
Product features

✔ Dajiang M300RTK (Dajiang M600Pro optional) is used as the flight carrying platform;
✔ High SNR ultra high speed spectral scanning imaging device is used to provide highly stable spectral image acquisition;
✔ The self-developed image processing algorithm with high efficiency and low power consumption is adopted to greatly extend the flight time of the whole machine and reduce the system power consumption;
✔ Through real-time measurement of spectral image information of plants, water bodies, soil and other surface objects, application and precision agriculture, crop growth and yield assessment, forest pest monitoring and fire prevention monitoring, coastline and marine environment monitoring, lake and watershed environment monitoring and other applications;
✔ The system design is compact, and the spectral resolution of the imaging spectrometer host is up to 2.5 nm;
✔ The whole machine consists of a highly stable PTZ, a hyperspectral imager, an embedded data acquisition, processing and storage unit, a wireless image transmission system, a GPS-RTK navigation system, a ground receiving workstation, a ground control system, and a reflectance calibration board.

Technical parameters

Flight unit parameters(M300RTK):


Size (unfolded, excluding blades): 810 × six hundred and seventy × 430 mm (long × wide × High)

Size (folded, including blades): 430 × four hundred and twenty × 430 mm (long × wide × High)

Symmetrical motor wheelbase

895 mm

Weight (including lower single pan tilt support)

Empty weight (excluding battery): 3.6 kg

Empty weight (including dual batteries): 6.3 kg

Maximum load of shock absorption ball of single pan tilt


Maximum takeoff weight

9 kg

Working frequency

2.4000-2.4835 GHz;5.725-5.850 GHz

Transmitting power(EIRP)

2.4000-2.4835 GHz:

29.5 dBm(FCC);18.5dBm(CE)18.5 dBm(SRRC);18.5dBm(MIC)

5.725-5.850 GHz:28.5 dBm(FCC);12.5dBm(CE)28.5 dBm(SRRC)

Hover accuracy(P-GPS)

Vertical: ± 0.1 m (when visual positioning works normally) ± 0.5 m (when GPS works normally) ± 0.1 m (when RTK positioning works normally)

Horizontal: ± 0.3 m (when visual positioning works normally) ± 1.5 m (when GPS works normally) ± 0.1 m (when RTK positioning works normally)

RTK Position accuracy

At RTK FIX: 1 cm+1 ppm (horizontal) 1.5 cm+1 ppm (vertical)

Maximum rotation angular velocity

Pitch axis: 300 °/s Heading axis: 100 °/s

Maximum pitch angle

30 ° (P mode and forward vision system enabled: 25 °)

Maximum lifting speed

S mode: 6 m/s, P mode: 5 m/s

Maximum descent speed (vertical)

S mode: 5 m/s P mode: 4 m/s

Maximum Tilt Descent Speed

S mode: 7 m/s

Maximum horizontal flight speed

S mode: 23 m/s, P mode: 17 m/s

Maximum flight altitude

5000 m (2110 blades, takeoff weight ≤ 7 kg)/7000 m (2195 plateau silent blades, takeoff weight ≤ 7 kg)

Maximum tolerable wind speed

15m/s (12m/s during takeoff and landing)

Maximum flight time

55 min

Support PTZ installation mode

Lower single PTZ, upper single PTZ, lower double PTZ, lower single PTZ+upper single PTZ, lower double PTZ+upper single PTZ

IP Degree of protection




Operating ambient temperature

-20°C 至 50°C

Hyperspectral camera parameters:

Lighting mode

Passive lighting (without light source)

Light splitting mode

Transmission grating

Spectral range


Spectral band


Spectral FWHM


Slit width


Transmission efficiency


Stray light


Number of spatial pixels

1920 max. (software settable)

Number of spatial pixels Pixel size


Imaging speed

Full band 128Hz, 3300Hz after ROI





Camera Output

USB3.0 or gigabit network

Camera interface



USB3.0 transmission line or gigabit network transmission line


Multiple Areas

Embedded data acquisition and processing storage unit

I7 processor 512GSSD storage


● Easy to operate, no professional UAV operator is required, and single person operation can be realized

● Real time observation of aircraft sampling sites through the ground station, and the route data preview and correction functions acquired point by point can be set using the ground station: radiometric correction, reflectance correction, and regional correction support batch processing

● Real time common vegetation index calculation function

● Support user-defined real-time analysis model input function

● ENVI multiple data formats are perfectly compatible

Application area

Geological and mineral resources survey, precision agriculture, crop growth and yield assessment, forest pest monitoring and fire prevention monitoring, coastline and marine environment monitoring, grassland productivity and grassland monitoring, lake and watershed environment monitoring, remote sensing teaching and scientific research, meteorological research, ecological environment protection and mine environment monitoring, water quality testing, soil monitoring, quality testing of agricultural and livestock products, Military, national defense and homeland security, disaster prevention and control