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Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology is a leading Chinese enterprise in the field of color detection. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of color detection equipment. Its products include hyperspectral camera, imaging spectrometer, UAV hyperspectral measurement system, precision color difference instrument, spectrophotometer, glossometer, Hazemeter and paint ink color matching software. It is widely used in printing, coating, auto parts, metal, household appliances and other industries and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.


Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology   is located in Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Park. The main person in charge of the company has a senior professional title and a doctor's degree or above. The company has introduced R & D teams from well-known universities such as Zhejiang University and China University of metrology. The development of color spectrum has attracted the attention of domestic experts and scholars. It has cooperative relations with authoritative research institutions such as Zhejiang Key Laboratory of modern metrology and testing instruments and the National Engineering Center of Metrology and testing technology of the Ministry of education. With the care of all experts, the technical level and R & D ability of color spectrum have developed by leaps and bounds and made remarkable achievements.


Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology has a number of invention patents, including one American invention patent, a number of utility model patents, appearance patents and software copyright. In addition, a number of invention patents are in the announcement stage. Many papers published by Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology have been published in domestic first-class scientific research journals and included by SCI and EI.


In 2013, the company was supported by the "Hangzhou Blue Plan"

In 2014, it was supported by the "Hangzhou young eagle plan"

In 2014, it was recognized as "Hangzhou high tech enterprise"

In 2014, it was recognized as "science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province"

It was recognized as a "national high tech enterprise" in 2015

In 2015, "spectrophotometer" won the excellent product award of China instrumentation Association

In 2016, it was granted a U.S. invention patent

Won Zhejiang science and Technology Progress Award in 2017

In 2017, it won the innovation achievement award of China industry university research cooperation

In 2020, the production center obtained iso9001:2015 certification