Near-infrared hyperspectral detection of foreign bodies in food packaging

2024-06-18 16:17

near infrared spectroscopy detection technology

It is a new analysis and detection technology that combines chemometrics technology, computer technology, spectral measurement technology and basic chemical testing technology effectively, thus producing a new analysis and detection technology. This technology is very different from the conventional technology. This technology belongs to an indirect analysis technology, which requires the establishment of a correction model. In order to realize the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the sample. So far, the technology has been widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, agriculture, medical clinical, tobacco, cosmetics and environmental protection and many other fields.

the characteristics of near-infrared hyperspectral detection

1. Non-destructive: this is the best advantage of the technology, because the technology has the point, when the fruits and vegetables and related finished foods are tested, it can be non-destructive testing, and then the technical device is installed in the warehouse of fruits and vegetables, it can also realize the automatic detection function, saving a lot of human and material resources.

2. Online detection: Because this technology is very fast in the process of testing samples, the device of this technology can be installed on the production line during the production process, and the raw materials and semi-finished products and finished products can be tested online, so that changes in related substances can be found in a timely and effective manner to ensure that the quality of products can remain stable.

3. The measurement speed is fast: the technology will fully apply computer technology, and the detection work carried out within a certain range generally takes 2 minutes to complete immediately.

4. Convenient and pollution-free: Near infrared light is a kind of extremely penetrating light, which does not need any treatment when testing the sample. During the testing process, the light will directly penetrate the plastic and glass for testing, and no chemical reagents are required. Compared with conventional testing methods, this detection technology will not cause serious pollution to the environment. At the same time, the cost of chemical reagents can be saved.

the application of near-infrared hyperspectral detection of foreign bodies in food packaging

1. Use instrument: color spectrum FS-17, short-wave near-infrared 900-1700nm

2. Bamboo shoots to be tested


3. Experimental testing

Supervised clustering and unsupervised clustering are performed to distinguish the number of types of internal substances



Finally, by characterizing the characteristic peaks of foreign bodies, AI deep learning is carried out to quickly distinguish unqualified substances inside food packaging.