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Detection of pesticide residues on persimmon surface by hyperspectral imaging

The taste of persimmon is soft and juicy, which melts in the mouth and gives a sweet treat. Its unique taste often has a light fruity aroma, which is not too sweet, but can satisfy people's desire ...

Study on detection method of lettuce leaf disease based on hyperspectral image

The invasion of plants by pathogens is a long-term process, during which the epidermal oil, cell wall and cellulose of leaves are changed, and the innate immune system of plants also causes the cha...

Application of hyperspectral camera in wetland monitoring

As an important ecosystem on earth, the ecological value of wetland is immeasurable. However, the problem of wetland loss and degradation is becoming more and more serious, which is influenced by n...

Near-infrared hyperspectral detection of foreign bodies in food packaging

near infrared spectroscopy detection technologyIt is a new analysis and detection technology that combines chemometrics technology, computer technology, spectral measurement technology and basic c...

Hyperspectral camera - Exploring the effects of metallic elements on algal organisms

The effect of metallic elements on algaeCertain metallic elements, such as lead and mercury, are significantly toxic to algae. Lead can interfere with photosynthesis and respiration of algae, affec...

Research on color matching algorithm of hyperspectral wood dyeing based on particle swarm optimizati

Wood color is an important factor determining wood quality. Due to the scarcity of precious wood, it is derived from the simulated wood processing industry. The production line workers ……

Prediction model of soluble solids content in fresh peach based on hyperspectral image

Fresh peach is a kind of fruit with rich nutrition and sweet flavor, Soluble solid content (SSC), as an important component affecting the flavor of fresh peach, has also become an important ……

Research on fading character information extraction and recognition based on spectral imaging

China has a large number of cultural relics, including murals, calligraphy and painting. As Chinese traditional cultural relics, they can record the spiritual and cultural life and important ……

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